Healthiest Year Ever

10-week Personal Coaching For Your Wellnes Rituals Reboot 

Trifecta Natural Beauty, a program proven to help 5 clients in 6 weeks lose a total of 85lbs, 12 clients in 3 weeks meditate and over 4000 clients create healthier rituals for total wellbeing.

“I felt like a Jedi” client after 3 weeks on the Trifecta Natural Beauty Program

Join Trifecta Natural Beauty A 10-week personal coaching program for rituals in nutrition, exercise and meditation for weight loss, motivating and manifestation of your total wellbeing.

During your 10 weeks on TNB you will learn lots of rituals to replace your old habits --the ones making sick and tired.

Trifecta Natural Beauty is a one-on-one coaching program that follows a workbook created for you to find your inner and outer beauty. 


"I was looking to recalibrate, to get a new perspective. I tried everything, but the only thing that worked, and that has had a lasting effect, is the holistic guidance I've received from Yvette. I like the new me."

Geoff G. —Advertising Professional 

"I love this program. I work best with an accountability partner and I have that now. So far I've lost 10lbs."


“I just had to write you before we meet, I didn’t have batteries for my scale, so I wasn’t weighing myself, but I decided to look I love this program. I work best with an accountability partner and I have that now. So far I've lost 10lbs. Your "keep this moment as a new moment" comment struck me, I needed to hear it as I was drowning in guilt

Kim C. —Producer

“As much as I've tried to commit to other fitness programs, I'd never seen serious results before I joined this boot camp. One year later, I've maintained all the progress I achieved and then some.”

Allison M. —Google Sales Rep

I came to Yvette with a lack of motivation for leading a healthier lifestyle, something I've wanted to do for quite some time. Don't we all? Yvette helped me set goals from day one. Setting goals then lead me to creating healthy habits, exactly the outcome I wanted. As a result not only have I become more fit and been eating healthier but I've become a more productive person altogether. So there you have it, a healthier lifestyle. What surprised me is with Yvette's encouragement, patience and support I transcended even my own expectations.

Jonah D. —Account Exec

"Your Healthiest Year Ever!

10 -Week Personalized Coaching 


  • Trifecta Natural Beauty Workbook filled with week by week inspirations, instructions and worksheets 
  • Meal, Exercise and Meditations Personalized to Meet your Goals 
  • Recorded Virtual Coaching --Done Anywhere there is Internet 
  • (5) Accountability Calls 
  • (5) One-on-One Coaching Calls 


  • 911 calls 
  • Texting 
  • Joulebody Cookbook 
  • Detox Worksheet 
  • Manifesting Your Intentions Worksheet 
  • Lifetime access to all program material 


Week 1 Goal Setting. create. Week 2 Accountability check-in session  

Week 3 Trigger Tracking. practice. Week 4 Accountability check-in session  

Week 5 Habit Breaking. rituals Week 6 Accountability check-in session  

Week 7 Gut Cleansing. detox Week 8 Accountability check-in session  

Week 9 Beauty Rituals. manifesting. Week 10 Accountability check-in session

Early Bird Ends January 22nd Full Payment Special $1250 (savings of $950) Payment Plan Available: $450 (3 Easy Payments) 

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